Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment in which it operates. Many companies have been adopting CSR strategies in order to give something back to society. CSR activities are manifold and can differ from a simple donation to a project up to actual change of business processes such as choosing only suppliers which follow international best practices (e.g. paying fair salaries and prices for staff and products).


Water Solutions International e.V. can help your company in developing and implementing your tailor-made CSR strategy. You may wish to support some of our following ideas and / or activities:


  • Financial and/or technical support of our School Sanitation Programme.
  • Designing and operating a tailor-made project in developing countries which has a clear impact towards communities.
  • Advising on water treatment issues related to the production of your goods.
  • Raising awareness of your staff on international development projects.
  • Giving your staff the opportunity to participate in our projects in developing countries.
  • And much more…


Please feel free to contact us on the development of your Corporate Social Responsibility approach!

Our CSR partner: ATB Water GmbH

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