We have prepared a Study Tour to Singapore for all water experts dealing with stormwater management and Green Infrastructure!

Singapore has been internationally acknowledged to be the world’s leading water hub for stormwater management. Two-thirds of Singapore’s land area is used as water catchment. Rainwater that falls on these areas is collected through a network of drains, canals and rivers, and channelled to 17 reservoirs as a source of water supply. Singapore has moved towards a clean and green city with the potential of the nation’s blue treasures unlocked. PUB launched the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Program to integrate water bodies with parks and green spaces – turning Singapore into a City of Gardens and Water. Infrastructural assets like drains, canals and reservoirs have gone beyond their functions of flood management and water storage. As they are transformed into streams, rivers and lakes, they bring people closer to water so that they can better appreciate and cherish this precious resource. This study tour will be highlighting Singapore’s achievements and expertise in stormwater management.


  • Meetings with PUB – Singapore‘s National Water Agency
  • Visit to ABC Waters Projects as well as water reclamation and treatment plants
  • Visit to Marina Barrage and „Gardens by the Bay“ and guided tours on their stormwater management
  • ½ day Workshop and knowledge exchange with water experts and stakeholders

The study tour can be combined with the Singapore Water Week (5–9 July 2020)

Download details and prices here.