school toilet building in vinh vietnam

Third phase of WSI’s “Total School Sanitation Project” in Vinh / Vietnam

Remarkable progress has been made since the last visit of an WSI expert at the secondary school in the Nghe An province: The toilet building was renovated, the treatment plant showed proper functionality and the school invested in new toilet seats and handwashing facilities. The overall impression of the student’s toilet building was good, although soap is still missing.

A WSI expert performed numerous teaching lessons on sanitation and wastewater treatment, and further developed respective modules for both students and teachers. The first two teaching modules developed earlier in 2015 were revised for suiting the eighth grade, while a third module was developed concerning hygienic behaviour in order to improve awareness on hygiene and health issues.

pupils in vinh vietnam

Supervised by the WSI expert, the school’s pupils maintained the on-site wastewater treatment plant and learned why sewerage treatment is crucial for public health.

Last but not least, WSI management board members opened negotiations with the provincial Department of Training & Education on next steps in order to integrate more schools into this project.

school toilet building in vinh vietnam