total school sanitation project vinh vietnam

“Total School Sanitation Project” in Vinh / Vietnam developed further

WSI’s comprehensive solution for school sanitation in developing countries, including construction of toilet buildings, wastewater collection and treatment, IEC and environmental education, has been applied in a second phase in Vinh City, Province Nghe An, Vietnam.

WSI members developed tailor-made teaching modules and carried out several lessons in cooperation with teachers, parents and the school principal.

WSI experts also evaluated and improved the performance of the decentralised wastewater treatment plant operated in the school, and developed guidelines for improved operation and maintenance.

The project aims at developing a fundamental understanding on sanitation and public health problems and solutions among school children, their families, school authorities and neighbouring communities. It is supported by ATB Umwelttechnologien GmbH under a CSR scheme.

school children in vinh vietnam