collage wsi international conference hanoi 2017

WSI’s International Conference and Poster Exhibition on Decentralised Wastewater Management – Experience with Long-Term Operations

Decision makers in many developing and emerging countries are currently considering Decentralised Wastewater Treatment as a cost-effective and reliable alternative to centralised, conventional drainage and treatment concepts. International development banks are increasingly ready to promote and finance this development. However, long-term operational experience has rarely been communicated so far, particularly with regards to financial sustainability and management issues.

Water Solutions International e.V. in cooperation with GIZ, the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Bildungs- und Demonstrationszentrum für Dezentrale Abwasserbehandlung e.V. (BDZ), German Water Partnership e.V. and Tilia GmbH invited to discuss this issue.  A 2-day-conference (including a field trip) was held in Hanoi / Vietnam in October 2017, hosting more than 120 international speakers and guests.

The conference aimed at:

  • Presenting long-term operating experience with decentralized systems and concepts, and share typical challenges, shortcomings and respective solutions
  • Providing a forum for discussion
  • Promoting international networking on “decentralized wastewater treatment”
  • Promoting the exchange of experiences between countries embarking on the concept of decentralised sanitation

The conference was considered a big success by all partners and guests. The pictures below may give a brief impression:

backdrop for wsi's international conference